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Gaming Extravaganza in Northern Michigan

Posted by Superthrust On 10:18 PM 2 comments

Gaming. A part of us that might have been developed early in our life by visiting the local arcade and saving the world from a breakout at Area 51, or perhaps your a bit more experienced and traversed the Asteroids career. Well, i have some news for you. Those good old days might be brought back by a man with a dream to offer a gaming experience, enjoyable by all. Most people's idea is just to make money. His, is the simple goal of making other happy and getting them into Gaming.

This all started with my long trip. Over the past weekend, I have been on a little self vacation into Mt. Pleasant, visiting a great friend whose lonely in college by herself. While on the trip, I was sure to bring along my counterpart Superboost (Logan).

While looking for an all you can eat KFC buffet, we came across a store located at 710 North Mission Street named "GameGo".

Now, the gamers that we are, were completely compelled to stop and have a look, and aside from our curiosity, we were also looking for a place that sold Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars. So, we got through the hellish traffic that was Friday's rush hour, and walked inside...

What we seen, was a complete oasis for gamers.

A plethora of sounds, lights, symphony's and little warm feelings inside came about use upon entering this gaming sanctuary.

Picture a business...a large, widened room, filled to the brim with computers, Xbox's, Xbox 360's, PlayStation 2's and 3's, Wii's GIANT screen plasma TV's, and Projectors displaying Mario Kart on the wall, at a giant 12 foot (give or take) size. Well, that's what i seen. Now, imagine it all at your reach, and for a GREAT price.

All it takes to play till your hearts content is a trip to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan, a valid Driver's License, and a small amount of money in your pocket depending on how much you want to game while your up here. The prices happen to be $5 for people who are not members, $4 for members.

Whats that? You'd like to become a member for an awesome place like this? Well, all it takes is $60 in your wallet, which will get you the discounted price for all year round. Well, I'm sure your thinking that maybe since you paid the $60, you should get these times for free? Well, instead, GameGo hosts some good competitions. All you do now, instead of coming into here and depositing money on a admission, this Year-Long membership, will grant you FREE admission into these events.

While they have 14 computers available for gaming on, which has just about any game you would like to play, they are expanding even MORE. Ian, the store owner and Entrepreneur, says he will soon be expanding quite a bit and is even aiming for the licenses and such to have his own sandwich / cafe' inside the lounge.

At the moment, he simply has a few machines that dispense all the Monster, Coca-Cola, Jolt, Bawls, and Red Bull that can quench the thirst of an army, he also has some healthy stuff like Life Water or for the tasteful of the tasteless, good old fashioned water. He also sells a variety of snacks as well, including some little Snickers bars, Twix, and small bags of chips, making this truly a gaming experience.

So, your not really into computer gaming? Well, there are 3 Xbox 360's, 3 PlayStation 3's, 3 Wii's, an Xbox Original & a PlayStation 2.

As i mentioned, the biggest LCD is a 74'' 1080p screen for your gaming pleasure, to fully maximize the experience from the Xbox 360 console and the PlayStation 3 & Wii. While the big screen may be used at the moment, there are also 42'' LCD's along the wide wall which house PlayStation 3's and Xbox 360's for a little 1v1 or 2v2, or just an all out fun match, or Solo play, ready for battle and enjoyment.

Maybe your into a little new age. Maybe, you like to use your hands? Maybe, 74', just isn't big enough for you. Well, it just so happens, that the Wii's here happen to be hooked up to some digital projectors with utilize surround sound and house Wii's. The size you ask? Well, how does a 106' of High-Def game play sound to you? Made me ecstatic when I heard it.

Now, back to the gaming computers. These computers, all custom built by the owner, Have the max vista rating possible for most computers today. Liquid cooled, Quad-Core processors, DDR3 ram, 9700 Graphics cards, and all gaming hardware that could tickle your fancy. Were talking Logitech G15's and G5 mice for your gaming pleasure.

So, maybe your all thinking, "Man, how do i get a computer like this?". Well, it just so happens, that he runs a small part store inside the shop! If there is something that he does not have in the store, he will find it specially for you online and build it. All you need is the will, the money and the idea. Any type of gaming machine that you can think of, he can bring to a physical being with a little help from your mind.

If this article and informational has tweaked your interest, you might be interested to check out their website at and plan a little expedition for your crew soon. This place, is definitely something to look at, as there aren't too many places left around that can offer this type of gaming stimulation. Perhaps you would like to host a little gaming event that you would like to personally set up, well, drop them a line at 1-989-779-0482, or an email at

Happy Gaming,



Warhammer Online: Age of Copycatting?

Posted by Superthrust On 12:39 PM 0 comments

First off, i would like to make my point clear. I am NOT biased to WAR in any way. I like the game, Play the game, have an active subscription set up, and will continue to play it as long as it stays somewhat good.

Ok, getting to the point of the post. Warhammer. Alot of people have ran out to grab their pre-orders the moment that they found out that the beta had started sending more and more people into it. While many gamers would have loved to be involved in the beta, no one could actually tell who was and who was just lying about it due to the NDA. But, even after, they announced that if you were not lucky enough to get into the closed beta, there was a chance to get into the open beta with the purchase of a Pre-Order.

Well, I myself, ran out asap and picked up a pre-order, as did a lot of other people, which im sure also ran out to grab it also. Maybe this game did the trick and turned up the fire underneath the MMO community? But, it has also stirred up the WoW Collective's nest with many "AMG! THATS THE SAME AS WOW" statements. But, let me assure you, there is barely any similarity involved with the two.

First off, the classes. You have your basic holy trinity of all the races with the game. Each race has its own Healer, Tank and DPS class. But, as im sure everyone knows, the game was stripped of most peoples favorite classes before launch (Blackgaurd and Orc Choppa). That being said and done, not much was lost, as the game is still very great to play, the classes available are all fun, and surprisingly, even after the rush release, its very stable! (Aside from a handful of people still getting crash errors.)

So, here are the details. The basic UI.
As you can see from the basic UI, the game is different. Though, most people will argue that "Oh, well, look! there are action bars! WoW had them long before Warhammer did!"

Well, son, go look at Everquest. and Final Fantasy Online. I'm sure they copied from WoW too, didn't they? Stfu & drink your juice.

Anyways, this UI is slightly different from "WoW"s main UI, yet more customizable. They give you the option to move about things, make them large, and re-order the things as you seem fit. The action bars function in nearly the same way and most other online games, although some things can be said to be different. The chat log, is different. While almost ALL chat comments are the same color, about the only things that are different is Guild (/g) and Party (/p). That being said, im sure Warband (Raids) and other types are different. Even the fabled "BG" chat that no one seems to use due to its non-functionality. Keep in mind, that you will notice these chat log features IF you can get people to talk in this game, As you seem to be playing with a bunch of in game Mutes, who also happen to be monks that have taken a vow of silence. I'm serious folks. It gets quiet in this game if you don't have a vent server full of friends screaming at how OP a dragon that just hit for 9k is.

Now on to the attacks. My class, which is a Zealot, can be referred to a shadow priest, paired with a druid, and a Warlock all in one, but for some reason has the AOE's of a mage also...

The Zealot, is a caster class, diriving its power from the might wizard god Tzeetch, who also happens to be one of the most powerful magical gods in the Warhammer universe. This casting class, happens to be a healer. So, if your in for damage dealing, check out the other classes, namely the Dark Elves. Anyways, with a large assortment of heals, you also get some AOE's.

Well, the AOE spell that i am using here, is similar to a Mage's Arcane Explosion, but also is just a DD (Direct Damage) which reached out WAY farther. This attack is a cast, so its kinda hard to cast when people are wailing on you up close. Which also should not happen, might i mention. You are a healer. Act like one. Put up a bubble and run away and hope your groupmates are smart enough to come to your aid. Cause im sure most of us know, when the healer falls, Game Over.

On to other interesting changes and different aspects, the dying system. Everyone dies in games. Its a said nature. Unless of course, your rocking GOD mode, with all levels unlocked, all weapons, ammo, etc. Then, games aren't your bag, you just like to win. Go load some dice. Besides, there are no cheats for MMO's.

Anyways, the system of death in this game is similar to a FPS. You die. You hit "Respawn" and then you wait for a respawn timer. And every time you die, you get a death debuff that ails you in some way. (Doesn't pertain to me, so i don't care. But, for people who do, i think its decreased defense and hitpoints / strength).

Next, would be the loot system. Now, this game has some awesome features, like the ability to publicly group, and join any open group in your area for "Public Quests". These quests are convenient to the extreme. No pickup point, No Turn in point, hell, all you need to do is walk into the area that has one going on, and your doing it...whether you like it or not...While to some people, its an issue, others its a kinda cool reminder that "hey! i can do this and get free gear AND exp!". So, if your in the area, why not just take a minute to help out, win some gear, get some EXP and influence?

Also, Influence, is a type of "Honor' system that you can use to purchase some kinda good rewards from a Influence vendor. Sometimes they are good. But sadly, most of the Zealot gear is worthless in comparison to what i have already picked up.

Whats that? I never touched on the loot system? Well, i really can only explain it in another picture...

Thats right kiddys...cry out wow copy all you want...Simple need, greed and pass on the items. Oh, one more thing, its also like wow in colors too.

  • White = Common
  • Green = Uncommon
  • Blue = Rare
  • Purple = EPICZ
  • Orange = ?? (Not sure if its there...)
So, yeap, kinda like they promised. Easy to "Jump into" and get started!

Now lets get on my personal favorite part of this review. The Graphics.
These graphics are some of the best i have seen in awhile on a MMO, not to be close to Lord of the Rings Online's graphics, as those are FAR FAR Superior. But, this game happens to be great with shadows, grass, water, clouds and fire details. The fire details are BEAUTIFUL on highest settings, along with the water settings. Can you say INDIVIDUAL WAVES, and how the waves can recede and crash on the shore, with a unique way EVERY time? I know, it was hard for me to beleive too. But, when i seen it, i had a seizure, and started playing some more.

The next thing, i would love to touch on, is the lighting effects. While standing next to a lamp, you can see the lightfrom the lamp, glow on your character. Nothing special, right? Well, turn around, and you can see a dynamic shadow of your characters every movement. Thats right, not just an outline or a blob, when your character scratches his ass or picks his nose, you see his shadow do the same. Very Cool.

Another fine tidbit to add in there, the flames are dynamic as well. So, as the flames flicker and flutter with the wind, you see the ripples in light along your character and such. VERY neat.

One last bit, is the aspect of clouds. Not just a "Thin layer" of grey paint sprayed across the canvas, but a awesome display of functionality, that can be witnessed on even the lowest of computer specs. Sure, it may not look as great, but, its something.

Also, the trees and smoke from the bonfires. In the picture, you can see some black smoke coming up from a burning pile of corpses on the left. And that big puff of smoke above the "WAAGGHH!!" monument? Well, that happens to be the blowing smoke from a burning village behind me. The amount of effects in this game is well enough to make you want to run into your livingroom, smack you parents on the face, do a jig, and run back into your room screaming the banana phone song.

So, next time you hear some people talking bad about this game, and complaining how this game is such a copy of WoW, point them to this review, and tell them to shut their mouth with their blasphomey.

Also, be sure to check out my Youtube channel. It normally has some funny things to look at, and some reports that i don't feel like typing the long review.

As always, Keep on living the gaming life.


First post? Fa Sho?

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Thats right. I am making this blog. Mostly cause i have spare time in between classes at college and im looking for something to do. So, since ive already been a reporting editor for a website in the past (not mentioning any names in public, since the site fell downward since, but has recently risen back from the dead), i might as well do what im good at and give some reports on some of the games that i love to play, as well as some adive, specs, etc.

So, i am looking for people to come and check out my blog, maybe drop a few comments, and possibly give some more insight as to what else i can do some reports on.

Also, i would like to include Jact in alot of my posts as well, and if possible get some of the staff on my blog as well. Not sure what i have planned all in all, but i definitly amd working on something...

Also, since my last camera has broken in a recent accident i have been in (i am fine, partially), i have had to buy a new Digital Camera. Sadly, though the camera is MASSIVLY awesome in resolution and quality (10 FREAKIN MEGAPIXEL!), it also takes up more space. So, until i get a SD card that is bigger than 1g, i am screwed with making movies, since i would be able to record about 2 minutes, then send to computer, rinse & Repeat. But, the jact commercial is in the works and almost done.

Think of it, not as a commercial, but a "Public Interview / Survey" and introduction to the jact "Way of Gaming". More or less, showing people how they too, can play with purpose.

Keep Gaming,



I bought a laptop. Now i need a keyboard. I figured i would start this blog thing since i am always on the move now.

Laptop just to happens to be a compaq presario. GREAT choice for whoever happens to be a student.

If you need a laptop for school / college, and enjoy gaming, pictures, movies, etc. then this laptop is the one for you.

  • 4gb of Ram (3 with shared GPU)
  • 256mb graphics card, with up to 1gig shared (needs citation...havn't tried more)
  • 2.00 ghz CPU AMD 64 dual core Turion (ewww...but it works..)
  • FAST ASS dvd burner / reader
  • HUGE hard 180gb, it works for me...thats about 130gb larger than my old one
All in all, as i stated, this is a great buy. Runs WoW, WAR and other great games at full with no issues or any sign of lag. Crysis...don't even attempt on medium...

Driving -
I have been driving alot recently. From hartford to Kalamazoo, to Ann Arbor and Hazel park, Detroit. Not sure what i have been doing, but its good to know i can drive when i want, where i want.

Sleep -
No sleep...i hate it. Waste of time in a life. Seriously...scientificly proven fact, if you sleep a total of 8 hours a night, you are sleeping 1/3 of your life away...wouldn't you rather be doing something else? I know i would...

Anyways, When this is posted, i will be asleep...dreaming of an awesome place...of happiness, runny babbits, and Neil Patrick Harris riding unicorns...

But seriously...this keyboard typing is pissing me off....hey! i hit it and i think i fixed it..

Keep On Livin....