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Epic Gaming News Issue 1

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With that link, you can see the latest in the ongoing trial for violations of Blizzard's DMCA and EULA licensing that some of you may click accept to, every time you install a patch, new game, or access the forums. This, however, also leads a scary assault on the limit and the extent of the DMCA that was signed and brought into the world in 1998. If used correctly, the information in this case can be used to stop the advance of many software companies or developers, who may attempt to bring something into a market, only to be shot down so a larger developer may maintain superiority, and basically, "Cutting out the Little guy".

The recent events in this case, justify that "Glider", a program developed by MDY Industries LLC, is classified as a Circumvention device, allowing players to bypass "The Warden's" detection capabilities and allowing players to access all of Blizzards "Non-Literal" content at once, allowing the reproduction of content to potential non-subscribers / non-license owners, and allowing the players who access the game unrestricted benefits that give some players the upper hand making it easier to kill others, farm faster and longer, and frankly, making the game a harder "world" to enjoy themselves in.

For those that do not know what glider is, Its is a program that allows you to not be at your computer, while the program plays your chracter for you. You can be outside, at work, asleep, school or wherever else you would like, while your character continues to level, grind and farm up those very costly materials that sell for big tickets on the Auction house. While some players see this as a non-issue, others who are legitimate can surely attest to the damages that programs like these are causing. As many players have seen in the ever changing economy in World of Warcraft, it is hard for one person to make any gold, when another is over-flooding the auction house with their own over farmed, illegitimately obtained materials. It is also known that most gold farmers / sellers use these types of programs to make their sales and transactions.

Where this is proving that Glider is in fact illegal and bad for the legitimate players of the game, this is also opening up many windows for all companies to lay an excuse that many other programs, which do not access the game or software in question, my also be in violation of the DMCA or personal copyright infringement acts. The result for a guilty charge for violation of Blizzard's DMCA or EULA; up to $150,000 in fines, termination of your license for the software (Ban Hammer) and Second or First degree Copyright Infringement.

As noted, this ruling is similar to the Garage Door Opener & Printer trials that were filed awhile ago, and how other companies attempted to shoot down their competition by claiming similarities with the product, and claiming Copyright Infringement. Also noted, the ruling may include all forms of content reproduction, including screen capture or reproduction of "Non-literal" content for the non-licensees, and possible other violations, with candidacy for fines, is the Naming Violation clause, that has apparently been recently updated.

In summary, I don't really know about you readers, but if i plan on making a PvP video, or any type of content video, i would not like to be banned for it, because of a violation of the EULA or something. This is all very troubling not only for WoW players, but all gamers alike, as it could open a very large window to what is considered DMCA violation, even by simply accessing content.