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Reach and Pax Giveaway!

Posted by Superthrust On 3:47 PM 0 comments

So, I heard you wanna play Reach? Well. Here is a chance!

A friend of mine on twitter happened to mention that he has 5 beta keys left for halo reach. Know what that means? Yep! You could get one! Maybe!

ON TOP OF THAT, I AM ALSO GIVING AWAY A PAX EAST Xbox 360 Avatar hoodies! (Female only I think...only got 2 codes.

Rules for entry:
1. Follow @Superthrust and @maxdyckhoff
2. Trend #Reach as much as humanly possible!!!
3. RT this message! "@Superthrust @maxdyckhoff I wanna win the reach key and pax shirts! #contest #giveaway"

Thats it! You may subscribe to me if you want to, as there will be more contests and prizes to be won!



So, You're new to online gaming. Well, First, let me welcome you. Depending on your gateway to the E-Life, you may regret it, Love every minute of it, or be indifferent. Let me point you to a chart. This chart is pretty factual at this time, while each system is completely oriented towards different types of play. (Please note, I am not biased in any way. I do not favor any of these systems, as I love them all equally.)

Well, will you look at that? PC people Stereotyping again!

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First Giveaway!

Posted by Superthrust On 12:27 AM 3 comments

Ok, I have a couple things to give away today! I have a 48-hour Xbox Live card, which sometimes you get lucky in a game's case with, I have a download code for Sergeant Johnson for use in Halo:ODST and I Will also be giving away one month of Xbox Live as well.

Anyone can participate for the prizes, and they will not all be done at once, so it gives many people more times to participate.

Oh, and the prizes will increase and get better as well...this is all I could find short handed.

But, to Win, just follow me and retweet "@Superthrust I want to win your #Giveaway cause I love games too!" by 11:59 EST on Monday April 26th!

Alternatively to win, you can also Subscribe, watch, link and comment on my channel/video.


Halo; Reach SKU's revealed

Posted by Superthrust On 2:09 PM 3 comments

EDIT: It has been brought to my attention that Blogger is not correctly displaying sources. On all my posts, if it has a source other than this website or my own mind, If you click the actual TITLE, it will give you a backlink to the original story. Starting now, I will be inserting links since blogger isn't too reliable this way.

This story comes compliments of MajorNelson, since again, blogger isn't displaying "Quotes" either. :( WTB new website.

Revealed this morning, the Halo: Reach SKU's have given players insight as to what they might expect coming from the game.
In the normal game ($59.99), You get the basic game disc(s?), case and instruction manual. But, most likely there will be some pre-order bonus's from everyone's favorite Video Game Retailer.

Also, if you're looking forward to the beta (Starting May 3rd), You will need your ODST disc...but if you don't have it anymore cause it sucked wasn't as good as the hype, you can easily and cheaply pick up a new one.

In the Limited Edition ($79.99), you will get the game disc's (implying there will be more?) in a special case, a special armor set for your Elite and an "Artifact Bag" that contains a Dr.'s journal and some other "classified documents and effects that unravel long held secrets from the 'Halo' universe"...Prolly nothing special. I wanted an art book for once.

And in the Legendary Edition ($149.99), you get EVERYTHING from the Limited edition, and a Statue of Noble team by McFarlane toys. If you are a fan of the spawn models, GOW, or other Halo models, you know these guys are good. Also, You get another custom armor "Effect" for your spartan armor...But everyone whose seen the preview video KNOWS it is the flaming helmet..which kinda screams "SHOOT ME! SHOOT ME!"...Not to mention, I am POSITIVE they will be selling this on the marketplace since they know people won't pay $150, but they will pay $5, $10 or even $15 on stupid stuff. But, is a $70 statue and a flaming bullseye worth the whole amount they want? I don't think so. Send me your comments and thoughts on this! Full Details after the jump!


Blur Preview

Posted by Superthrust On 8:43 PM 0 comments

Picture this. You're driving down the freeway...Some car going about 10 mph faster than you cuts you off, throws you a finger and speeds away. Now, the classic gamers and players of Nintendo's Mario Kart series may want to throw out a Red Shell and laugh as you speed by the newly flipped car...Although others may want to ram it off the road and introduce them to Gladys. Coincedently, No one has to day dream much or go to prison to get this fix. Yes, Need for Speed & Mario Kart have had a child...and it's name is Blur.

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Modern Warfare 2: Love from Above

Posted by Superthrust On 7:17 PM 2 comments

Now, Maybe this IS patched, but if this is how things went, I would have really liked to see something like this. (Please note, button method in the video is a joke.)

I'll be clean and clear with people, I have some issues getting the kills to get ONE Emg. Air Drop, But for those who get them all the time, I nearly cry when a really good one falls and I can't use it. Last night, I got a Care Package and then a harrier, then a Emergency Air Drop...Upon throwing the E. Air Drop marker, I was killed and they completely setup shop around my packages while 3 people on my team left the game. Thankfully, ALL FOUR PACKAGES were Counter-UAV's...So, I thought that all was lost. When I noticed that I still had a normal package left, I quickly tossed it to reveal a AC-130. I cried for joy as I picked it up...then, the game ended.

Angered, I proceeded to use a riot shield in Free-For-All for the next 3 hours...racking up a 28-1-7 score in a single game. I think I'll be trying that again soon.

This has been a semi-useless post of the day.

Also! If you have any gaming industry questions, Comments or emails and such you would like me to read, write and reflect upon, Drop me an email and Ill



That being said, here is a post about a nice little post about the how to's of modding, downloading and burning your own collection of Xbox 360 Games. After taking a look at this, I might pick up another system and do it myself. But, after i give it a nice long thought.

Downlaod Free xbox 360 games (burn and patch games too)


First and foremost I will come clean and say that I DID BUY THESE ITEMS (except one).

Now, Secondly I will come out and say that i feel ashamed of myself for doing so. Yes, I feel that paying $25 smackers is a little much for a damn horse. When I bought mine, I got an email from a friend stating that the Celestial Steed is now on sale. So, I bought mine and was happy about it. But once I logged into the game, I saw that there was about 40 people running around with this horse...Levels 20 to 80, it seemed like everyone had it.

I suddenly felt ashamed and bad. I wished I could get my money back and I even stopped using my pets i bought as well. I just did not want to be seen with the cash-bought items anymore. Many players, including myself, see this as a precurser to the downfall of the game. Alcapwn from Aerie Peak agreed that "If they are so quick to sell a pony at $25, and some pets at $10, what is to stop them from selling more mounts at an even greater cost, or later on Gear, pre-made characters or gold?

I know TONS of players would up and quit the game if it got that far, but because of that, Alot more would just come and join. Many games have stable microtransaction systems that work, others, not so much. But then again, with every thing that blizzard puts in, some people wil be happy, others wont be. Here is a list posted by a MVP of the Official World of Warcraft boards. (This list was heavily revised by me). Read it all After the Jump.