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Memories can be caused by the Present

Posted by Superthrust On 2:32 AM 1 comments

So, have any of you been listening to a simple song, and been reminded of a certain someone? I have. Matter of fact, I was in the middle of a Rock Band 2 session, and in the middle of the song, i became entranced with another song that me and a special someone were playing awhile ago on Rock Band 1.

Then, while driving home from the store, I heard on the radio her favorite band and realised that she might have felt like a load of shit this weekend...You see, this past weekend, Feb. 27-28, Nickelback was in Detroit...and she REALLY wanted to go badly, but i sadly could not go with her, and we did not have the money for the tickets...

So, to my dismay, I was unable to talk to her or anything through the day and called her later and heard her depressed state. I kinda felt bad.

Has a song or something you have done made you think of a certain someone in your life? Maybe someone you care for but just haven't said it to them yet? Post your answer in comments below and ill be sure to reply to them in my next posting!

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1 Response for the "Memories can be caused by the Present"

  1. Gypsy says:

    I remember dancing with a beautiful girl to a live rendition of "I'll stop the World". I can also remember hearing the song a few months later in a store and feeling like my heart had ruptured. It was as if all of my pain, my loneliness, my heartbreak and isolation had been transferred to those chords and melodies, held against a time of need and delivered back to me with interest.
    Love the title of this post. Hate Nickelback more than anything in the world.