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First post? Fa Sho?

Posted by Superthrust On 1:51 AM 0 comments

Thats right. I am making this blog. Mostly cause i have spare time in between classes at college and im looking for something to do. So, since ive already been a reporting editor for a website in the past (not mentioning any names in public, since the site fell downward since, but has recently risen back from the dead), i might as well do what im good at and give some reports on some of the games that i love to play, as well as some adive, specs, etc.

So, i am looking for people to come and check out my blog, maybe drop a few comments, and possibly give some more insight as to what else i can do some reports on.

Also, i would like to include Jact in alot of my posts as well, and if possible get some of the staff on my blog as well. Not sure what i have planned all in all, but i definitly amd working on something...

Also, since my last camera has broken in a recent accident i have been in (i am fine, partially), i have had to buy a new Digital Camera. Sadly, though the camera is MASSIVLY awesome in resolution and quality (10 FREAKIN MEGAPIXEL!), it also takes up more space. So, until i get a SD card that is bigger than 1g, i am screwed with making movies, since i would be able to record about 2 minutes, then send to computer, rinse & Repeat. But, the jact commercial is in the works and almost done.

Think of it, not as a commercial, but a "Public Interview / Survey" and introduction to the jact "Way of Gaming". More or less, showing people how they too, can play with purpose.

Keep Gaming,



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