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I bought a laptop. Now i need a keyboard. I figured i would start this blog thing since i am always on the move now.

Laptop just to happens to be a compaq presario. GREAT choice for whoever happens to be a student.

If you need a laptop for school / college, and enjoy gaming, pictures, movies, etc. then this laptop is the one for you.

  • 4gb of Ram (3 with shared GPU)
  • 256mb graphics card, with up to 1gig shared (needs citation...havn't tried more)
  • 2.00 ghz CPU AMD 64 dual core Turion (ewww...but it works..)
  • FAST ASS dvd burner / reader
  • HUGE hard 180gb, it works for me...thats about 130gb larger than my old one
All in all, as i stated, this is a great buy. Runs WoW, WAR and other great games at full with no issues or any sign of lag. Crysis...don't even attempt on medium...

Driving -
I have been driving alot recently. From hartford to Kalamazoo, to Ann Arbor and Hazel park, Detroit. Not sure what i have been doing, but its good to know i can drive when i want, where i want.

Sleep -
No sleep...i hate it. Waste of time in a life. Seriously...scientificly proven fact, if you sleep a total of 8 hours a night, you are sleeping 1/3 of your life away...wouldn't you rather be doing something else? I know i would...

Anyways, When this is posted, i will be asleep...dreaming of an awesome place...of happiness, runny babbits, and Neil Patrick Harris riding unicorns...

But seriously...this keyboard typing is pissing me off....hey! i hit it and i think i fixed it..

Keep On Livin....


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1 Response for the "Gaming Laptop, Lots of Driving, and no Sleep"

  1. Jennifer says:

    oh man, my first laptop was a compaq presario. I had an unhealthy relationship with love. It's now at my parents house celebrating its 11th birthday.