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Today's Suggested Blog Topic is "Is it possible to fall in love with someone's voice?"

And today, I can take people's answers on that. I asked a simple pact of gamers on xbox live, and ZeroOzzy69, has said that it can happen. MasterofMayhem also said that it may seem low, but to some people, its a way of "Love at first sight" but in this case, sound.

Myself, what this blog is really about, Yes. I think it is possible.

That is how I met my first girlfriend. It started out as one of those all too commmon E-relationships, where its the simple "Oh hunny" this and the closer we got, we found out we lived near each other. Sometimes, a simple voice is all it takes to create a frendship, relationship and much more.

Back when the Xbox Live service started, I read a story that was reported by resident reporter Trixie herself on a couple in Canada (I believe...) that had met online and socially played Unreal Tournament regularly for a long while. Then, when they took it to the next level and started to hang out offline, their relationship grew into something more. Later on, they were married and were the first couple to be officially united via the Xbox Live gaming service and are still together today (to my knowledge).

Now, a happy couple. Married, and still happily gaming after, all by a simple voice. They apparently fell in love with each other's voice, whether not that much at first, but certainly over time. Where voice communications are the new text based IM's, you can hear almost anyone now adays by plugging in your headset that came with your xbox. Yet, more and more, the service is being plagued by the smack talkers, immature and underaged people of the internet and society, which are making more and more people forsake thier talking ability and playing their game in silence.

Whether or not someone can consider me a low being for falling in love with a voice of someone I have never met before, I ask this. What if you were lonely enough to just look for a friend. Falling in love doesn't have to be a relationship of love, but that of a loving friendship. There are many relationships that involved a form of love that having nothing to do with the common conception of love, but the simple loving friendship.

So, if you are looking for a simple friend, or are looking for a player 2 in your life, Xbox Live may be answer. I say may, because while the shot is a long one, it certainly is a try. As long as you are spontaneous enough to try, and aren't afraid of being rejection. There is somene for everyone, and it just takes a little bit of time to look, whether the person is in your game right now camping your spawn, topping your kill charts, or on your friends list. If you can hear a voice that you adore, and have an aspiration to top his / her leaderboard of love, you may have the chance, whether its a simple online infatuation or a full blow article of love.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I felt the same way about someone I know. I love it when they send me text call me. I get so excited just knowing that they thought about me and that maybe some how they care for me as well. But I don't know I would if I didn't know them in person.