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The Fall of Call of Duty

Posted by Superthrust On 8:32 PM 0 comments

Today marks the death of Infinity Ward's Call of Duty series.

Yes, the series will still continue to be made, but no longer under Infinity Ward's watch.

Reportedly, a meeting between Vince Zampella, Jason West, and Activision staff occurred on March 1, after which neither Zampella nor West were seen; this was followed by the arrival of security guards at the studio.
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While people may not believe this to be a serious issue, It comes at the heels of the closing of may other Activision owned studios (RedOctane, and more). Some reports have come in saying that "that the developer may have breached their contract with Activision by holding meetings with other video game publishers. It is speculated that this may have resulted in the firings" This is no real surprise. Activision is in a serious blood-for-blood battle with EA right now at their Modern Warfare 2 Killer

With Bad Company 2 releasing in a day from this posting, Many people already have pre-orders and it looks like EA might run off with a large player base who were completely fed up with some of the changes that Infinity Ward had decided to implement at the last minute (and some since the start). EA easily rebuttals to Infinity Ward and Activision in every public announcement or informational about Battlefield: Bad Company 2 with:

The game will have dedicated server support. Unlike Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which does not support dedicated servers. Players will also be able to use party chat for each game mode.

Is this the real reason why they were let go? Does this mean that Activision feels threatened that EA is giving the players what they want? I myself think not. It is common knowledge that Bobby Kotick dislikes the gaming community and cares only about milking a series into oblivion as long as he gets that dollar at the end of the day. What's it to him if Infinity Ward gives the players what they want. Once they enter the store, its Activisions money anyways, since Infinity Ward has not received ANY royalties from Modern Warfare 2.


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