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Warning to All Playstation 3 Owners!

Posted by Superthrust On 8:51 PM 2 comments

Please note: As of 6 PM EST, this should have been fixed. If not, within the day, it should be.

If you're the owner of a Playstation 3, and you woke up this morning to attempt to start playing a little bit of Heavy Rain, you may have been greeted to a surprise 8001050F Error.

While this error is SUPPOSEDLY only affecting the Fat, older PS3 models (Sorry fellow fatties), there have been some minor reports of the Slim models being hit with this as well. It is not known as of yet if these issues are related at all.

I will continue to watch this issue a little bit more carefully, but as of now, I would NOT turn on your PS3 system just to be safe.

As a funny Post, someone made these...

Others feel the pain indeed...

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2 Response for the "Warning to All Playstation 3 Owners!"

  1. Doug says:

    LMAO I LOLed pretty damn hard when I saw the .gif

  2. Yeah, it took me a moment to get the full .gif working...but since i hit the submit button on my word client, the connection at work has been buggy, so i need to find out how to reorder my postings on Blogger.