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Modern Warfare 2: Love from Above

Posted by Superthrust On 7:17 PM 2 comments

Now, Maybe this IS patched, but if this is how things went, I would have really liked to see something like this. (Please note, button method in the video is a joke.)

I'll be clean and clear with people, I have some issues getting the kills to get ONE Emg. Air Drop, But for those who get them all the time, I nearly cry when a really good one falls and I can't use it. Last night, I got a Care Package and then a harrier, then a Emergency Air Drop...Upon throwing the E. Air Drop marker, I was killed and they completely setup shop around my packages while 3 people on my team left the game. Thankfully, ALL FOUR PACKAGES were Counter-UAV's...So, I thought that all was lost. When I noticed that I still had a normal package left, I quickly tossed it to reveal a AC-130. I cried for joy as I picked it up...then, the game ended.

Angered, I proceeded to use a riot shield in Free-For-All for the next 3 hours...racking up a 28-1-7 score in a single game. I think I'll be trying that again soon.

This has been a semi-useless post of the day.

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2 Response for the "Modern Warfare 2: Love from Above"

  1. Richard "Dedly" Johnson says:

    Yeah I just got to the point where I don't even use care packages anymore. Since I Unlocked my Emblems for Chopper Gunner/Harrier I switched to Attack Heli/Pave low Combo.

    In Team D-Match I went 24-0-0 on the airport level with that combo. My 5 KS is Pred btw.

    On FFA Salvage I went 30-0-7 with this.

  2. Anonymous says:

    -------------------------MW2 KillCAm----------------------