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Blur Preview

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Picture this. You're driving down the freeway...Some car going about 10 mph faster than you cuts you off, throws you a finger and speeds away. Now, the classic gamers and players of Nintendo's Mario Kart series may want to throw out a Red Shell and laugh as you speed by the newly flipped car...Although others may want to ram it off the road and introduce them to Gladys. Coincedently, No one has to day dream much or go to prison to get this fix. Yes, Need for Speed & Mario Kart have had a child...and it's name is Blur.

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Blur is a new type of racing game, Set with modern, realistic if not Real cars. The power ups collected along the road (Similar to the 'Mystery Boxes' you find in Mario Kart) range anywhere from direct attacks, mines, indirect attacks and area effects. Of course, you have basic powerups like repairing your damaged vehicle and speed boosts. While playing the beta, you have a choice of 4 maps which range from streets of tokyo, to some shipping docks, a european city and a rural airport area with a small out of business gas station.

Weapons at your disposal are:
  • Shunt - The "red shell" of the game. Locks onto and follows a player until it hits them...or something...
  • Bolt - The "green shell" of the game, it is fired just as it is said, like a crossbow bolt. 3 shots, & Aim is required.
  • Barge - A giant shockwave flows out from your car, pushing heavier vehicles away and tossing around smaller ones.
  • Mine - the "Banana Peel" of the game, lay it down, then lie in wait as other cars run into it and flop around like fish out of water.
  • Nitro - Just as the name implies, it is a giant boost of speed. Tip: Hold down on your analog stick and use your Nitro while another car is behind you for a nice surprise for them.
  • Shock - If you're at the back of the group, then Shock might just be the one for you. Throw it out and if you're lucky, some cars may run into it, temporarily slowing their speed and altering their steering. Watch out though, you CAN hit your own Shock!
  • Repair - As the name implies, if your car is damaged a little bit, your speed & acceleration may be suffering. Pop a repair and you'll be driving like new in no time!
  • Shield - Oh No! Another player behind you has WMD's! Whatever will you do! Use your shield of course! With the right "Mods" (See: C.O.D. Perks), Your Shield can absorb incoming attacks and either give you weapons, health or more!
Now with a lineup like this, you would expect to have some kinda competition right? I mean, what is a racing game without competiton? Well, it just so happens that they are setting up leaderboards, rankings and more getting ready for the release! At the moment on the open beta/Demo, there are currently 15 ranks you can achieve, and about 16 cars you can unlock. In the release, there will be about 50 levels and many more cars and modifications that you can do to them, including paint jobs, and more.

So, if this little preview/early review has your attention, Go on and head over to the Xbox Live Marketplace and check it out this Xbox 360 Exclusive! Its free, and a huge hit! Also, If you're looking to pre-order this game, Check out the link to the left for some great deals!

Also, here is a video of what gameplay looks like in Blur. I've been addicted to this for awhile.


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