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First Giveaway!

Posted by Superthrust On 12:27 AM 3 comments

Ok, I have a couple things to give away today! I have a 48-hour Xbox Live card, which sometimes you get lucky in a game's case with, I have a download code for Sergeant Johnson for use in Halo:ODST and I Will also be giving away one month of Xbox Live as well.

Anyone can participate for the prizes, and they will not all be done at once, so it gives many people more times to participate.

Oh, and the prizes will increase and get better as well...this is all I could find short handed.

But, to Win, just follow me and retweet "@Superthrust I want to win your #Giveaway cause I love games too!" by 11:59 EST on Monday April 26th!

Alternatively to win, you can also Subscribe, watch, link and comment on my channel/video.


3 Response for the "First Giveaway!"

  1. My entry has been ensured :D once again thanks for the contest :D :D

  2. No prob! Hopefully we get more people...would'nt really be a contest with only one person!

  3. Richard "Dedly" Johnson says:

    m subscribed to your toobz. Enter me lol. Even Though I dont think I would be elidgable haha.