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The random thoughts, reports, and news that Myself, and whoever else wants to, decides to WRITE. Please keep in mind, i would like to remain as unbiased on some issues as possible, and if you have any questions or comments, send them and ill write out the answers!

First and foremost I will come clean and say that I DID BUY THESE ITEMS (except one).

Now, Secondly I will come out and say that i feel ashamed of myself for doing so. Yes, I feel that paying $25 smackers is a little much for a damn horse. When I bought mine, I got an email from a friend stating that the Celestial Steed is now on sale. So, I bought mine and was happy about it. But once I logged into the game, I saw that there was about 40 people running around with this horse...Levels 20 to 80, it seemed like everyone had it.

I suddenly felt ashamed and bad. I wished I could get my money back and I even stopped using my pets i bought as well. I just did not want to be seen with the cash-bought items anymore. Many players, including myself, see this as a precurser to the downfall of the game. Alcapwn from Aerie Peak agreed that "If they are so quick to sell a pony at $25, and some pets at $10, what is to stop them from selling more mounts at an even greater cost, or later on Gear, pre-made characters or gold?

I know TONS of players would up and quit the game if it got that far, but because of that, Alot more would just come and join. Many games have stable microtransaction systems that work, others, not so much. But then again, with every thing that blizzard puts in, some people wil be happy, others wont be. Here is a list posted by a MVP of the Official World of Warcraft boards. (This list was heavily revised by me). Read it all After the Jump.

 "Every time Blizzard Noun's a verb, it 'Ruins the Game''s been ruined by;

  • Rooftop camping, removal of rooftop camping (Gaurds walk on roofs in Stormwind, Ironforge and Orgrimmar. They are invisible rogues wearing plate using insane axes)
  • the lack of honor, the implementation of honor, the rate at which honor is gained
  • Lack of Dishonor, Implementation of Dishonor, then the swift removal of Dishonor (I remember raids falling apart due to one dishonorable kill)
  • Removal of wall walking (a fun thing that sometimes gave an advantage in raiding or pvp)
  • Rank rewards (Level 60s just wanted to hold the shiny swords without trying.)
  • Decaying rank, the removal of rank deca (casual players said it was too hard to maintain)
  • Removal of PvP Titles (I know people who quit and want these back as well)
  • Ahn'Qiraj 
  • Scourge Invasion 
  • Zul'Gurub 
  • Cost of Mounts (This has been changed QUITE a bit.)
  • the lack of information about TBC, all information released about TBC 
  • playable Blood Elves, playable Draenei (And the factions they were put on)
  • Horde Paladins, Alliance Shamans (The cause of many "old players" leaving the game)
  • Flying Mounts
  • the timing of the release of TBC 
  • the cost of flight & Epic Flying
  • Jewelcrafting 
  • The LFG channel & holding people accountable to the Terms of Use 
  • Meeting Stones (Implementations and limitations)
  • Arenas, the number of arena teams one player can have, arena-based gear rewards 
  • the lack of battlegrounds, the addition of battlegrounds, everything about battlegrounds 
  • Illidan being killable (Too early in the expansion and in general)
  • Daily quests 
  • instance-based reputations 
  • the Darkmoon Faire 
  • /pizza, playable wisps, Tinfoil Hat & other jokes
  • the Armory 
  • Warden 
  • the lack of information about Wrath, all information about Wrath 
  • a failure to revamp old world areas  
  • the inability to transfer from PVE to PVP servers 
  • Playable Hero Classes being Overpowered
  • siege engines & Vehicles
  • Cold weather flying  (Cost and Implementation)
  • Wintergrasp being a PVP zone 
  • Death Knights 
  • the inability to start a new character of any class at 55 or higher 
  • the lack of a dance studio & character recustomization 
  • the inability to change race or faction 
  • the cost of mammoths and motorcycles 
  • the fall damage negation of mammoths and motorcycles, the removal of fall damage negation from mammoths and motorcycles 
  • the ability to transfer from PVE to PVP servers 
  • dual specs 
  • Achievements 
  • holiday events 
  • Mountain Dew Game Fuel 
  • streaming Blizzcon ’09 on pay per view 
  • the revamping of Onyxia’s Lair 
  • Worgen for the Alliance, Goblins for the Horde (Even I am not happy about this. It makes little sense and is actually dumb imo)
  • revamped old world areas 
  • ability to change faction 
  • the ability to change race 
  • new race/class combinations 
  • purchasable vanity pets 
  • Icecrown Citadel
  • cross realm LFG
  • Also, Weekly maintenance and the inclusion of every patch since 1.1 till present date. 
  • (UNOFFICIALLY) Gearscore and Everyone allowing/Not allowing people to raid due to their gear not being 'shiney" enough.

      Now that is a very big list. But, I have been around since the beginning and I can assure that this list is pretty damn accurate. Alot of people bitch over thsi stuff, whether it really affects them or not.

      But, as Asmodan of the Azgalor realm states...

      "Although most of us enjoy playing World of Warcraft as a form of entertainment, Blizzard is currently going through the sustain phase of the their business model in terms of product life. (WoW).


      In order to maintain a constant cash flow/revenue, Blizzard will require non-standard methods outside of monthly subscriptions to keep players interested and with renewed interest between patch and expansion cycles. But we should all be confident that Blizzard knows what they are doing."

      I sure hope they do... Until then, Bliz is throwing a huge message screaming "SHUT UP AND GET ON MY HORSE!" (NSFW)

      What are your thoughts? Leave them in a comment below!


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    1. Connor says:

      The whole Celestial Horse idea is fucking stupid.

    2. Mostly, But I bought one...Alot of people like it cause it has a plan to make characters unique looking...

      But not so much when everyone and their grandma buys one.