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So, You're new to online gaming. Well, First, let me welcome you. Depending on your gateway to the E-Life, you may regret it, Love every minute of it, or be indifferent. Let me point you to a chart. This chart is pretty factual at this time, while each system is completely oriented towards different types of play. (Please note, I am not biased in any way. I do not favor any of these systems, as I love them all equally.)

Well, will you look at that? PC people Stereotyping again!

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Nevermind the PC section, But as this chart points out, If you have real life friends, the Wii is far superior due to the amount of fun people can have in real life together, not to mention exercise and what-not. It is also a GREAT way for parents to get more gaming in with their children. Yes, gaming with your child will help build a bond with them. I'm not talking about throwing them a copy of Modern Warfare 2 and telling them you love them, I am talking about picking up a controller, sitting down with them and enjoying some quality time together. Using the build in Wi-Fi, you can connect to Nintendo Wi-Fi. While online, if anyone else has your "Friend Code" they can invite you to a game or vice-versa. Of course, this is not needed to play publicly, but it is to invite others or be invited to a game. This is most definitely the safest of the three for online gaming for your children, and good for them as well, as it teaches them to stay active and has a wide assortment of learning games as well.

Next, The PS3, which has a wide assortment of Single-Player games. Now, this is appealing to alot because some might not have the high speed network required to play most online games, but still would like to have fun with great graphics and great, award winning games, then the PS3 is for you. With the ability to also play Blu-Ray movies, this makes the PS3 alot more appealing to the every day user as it has been reveled as one of the best Blu-Ray players on the market (needs citation) and since it doubles as a gaming system, all the better! With the 100% FREE online community, The Playstation Network offers online multiplayer, a marketplace for purchasing download-able content, and the unique feature which is a "Game" in itself known as PS Home. PS Home allows you to take control of an avatar that you create, and interact with other avatars that are controlled by real people. While in the PS Home game world, you can play mini-games with other players, watch previews and weekly movies and purchase more clothing and furniture for your avatar making it even more unique. Notable single player Exclusives are Heavy Rain, Metal Gear Solid 4, and the huge online experience, MAG.

Now on for the more popular of the trio, the Xbox 360. While the gaming library of the Xbox 360 is more for the average to moderate gamer, It is also the most common among gamers. With the built in ability to play DvD's, Backwards compatibility (which is nearly pointless now with the discontinuation of the original Xbox Live service), the system has become widely praised and voted to be "the best". But, being the best also includes problems sometimes. With a shocking 54.2% failure rate due to the Red Ring of Death or other issues, many have been driven to the competition. Although, these were the much older systems and have been mildly upgraded, fixed and most problems solved now. While the Xbox 360 boasts such a wide assortment of games, It also has the largest, most advanced online community as well...At a price ($7.99 USD monthly, $49.99 USD annually). Though the Xbox Live Gold account is not "Needed", To take advantage of nearly all of the services offered by Microsoft, you will need one which can be purchased using a pre-paid points card. The millions of players on Xbox Live all interact through the friends lists and plenty of online games. The gaming experience on here is great for players who would like to chat with other friends with the included cross game voice chat. There is also a very large and constantly updated marketplace for dressing your Xbox 360 Avatar's, games, and addons including maps, costumes, and more.

So, Maybe you are asking "Which is the system for me?" Well, I would like to ask, What will you be doing the most? With each system getting Netflix, but only the Xbox 360 and the PS3 being HD compliant, you can bring family time to all three systems. For movies, and the wider assortment of movies that you can watch, and a good amount of games to play for the casual gamer, the Playstation 3 would among the greater choices for you. With its HD and Blu-Ray compatibility, it will pay for itself over time.

For the everyday gamer who enjoys lots of online interaction, the Xbox 360 and PS3 are the dual candidates here. Xbox 360 for the huge online community and the PS3 offers a nearly as large community without the monthly rates. But if you're the mobile type, and like to keep active while having a little bit of fun with your friends, the Wii is just right for you. Soon to be challenged by the Xbox 360 and PS3 (See; Natal & Playstation Move), the Wii is dominant in it's motion control system. The Wii allows for people to stay active, fit and have a little video-entertainment while doing so! Just make sure you wear your safety strap and follow the cautionary steps to avoid injury!

So, There you have it! Not every system is for everyone, but they are certainly fun to play! While some may be better for others or preferred by others, the point still remains that no one system is superior to any other as each may benefit each person or group of players in different ways. Next time, I will get into the online experience of some of the bad things you will find online.

As always, comments, questions or Letters to the editor, please Email me and I will be sure to address them in a post if you'd like. And as always, I am looking for quest writers too!


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  1. Yeah for me I couldn't settle for one so I bought all platforms over time. Xbox and Pc are by far the most enjoyable to me mainly because I am all about social networking.

    Good post Javi, I give you 1 free internets

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  2. Its cool, I already got 6k internets...

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  4. I Love this.. rofl.. great logic diagram!